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New Teacher Orientation Must-Haves at International Schools: A dinner outing with the director and administration

In this blog series we will talk about the ins and outs of an excellent new teacher orientation programme at an international school.  A new teacher orientation programme can really play a very important part to your start at your new school, in your new host country.  What are all the must-haves then?  Check out our blog series here to read about the ones we have discussed so far.

Must-have #7: A dinner outing with the director and administration

IMG_0063-1In some cultures it is very much of a bonding moment between people when they share a meal together.  It is a time when you can really relax and have some nice conversations with each other.  Getting to know your director and other new teachers in this kind of setting will help you with future encounters with the director and also with your potential new good friends. Having a meal with your bosses can really start your relationship with them on the right track.

How nice is it when the administration treats you to a nice dinner out somewhere in your new town?  It really just sets the stage right to have a great start to your first year.  Sure it is not that important and of course it does not have anything to do with your job specifically, but it is nice to get some bonding time with the other new teachers as well as your new bosses. Also, there is the fact that you probably don’t have so much money when you first arrive to be going out to eat at a nice restaurant. Plus, you probably do not even know where the good restaurants are just yet anyway.

If there is not a dinner planned though for all the new teachers, it definitely feels like something is missing.  If there is a dinner planned, then there are a few scenarios that might happen.  Most often the admin plans a dinner out in the center of the city at a nice restaurant.  You can really take in your new “expat lifestyle” in this scenario!  If you have a director that is a little bit more personable, he/she might invite you over to have dinner at their house.  In this scenario, the director is really making an effort to show the new teachers that they are now “one of the family” on the staff at the school.

A less desirable scenario is when the dinner is just held at the school itself. Maybe the admin staff will get the cooking staff to make something special for everyone. Having the “dinner out” at the school is probably not making a very good impression on the new teachers, but depending on cooks, it could actually be quite nice.  Another way to not make the best impression is to have the dinner at some cheap restaurant (just across the street from the compound where all the teachers are living) with little planning involved on making the outing special in any way.

In either scenario, the conversations and experience had at the “dinner out” with the new staff will surely be ones that you remember.  A fun time is usually in store with a lot of laughter.  Take it all in because this dinner-out evening is just the beginning of your new and exciting expat life in your new host city.

Some members on our Facebook page have shared about eating out with their administration during the new teacher orientation week they experienced at their international school:

International School Geneva – Campus des Nations – “At IS Geneva there was barely an orientation week (just 2 half days) let alone any sort of dinner.”

International School Singapore (10 Comments) – “The head of school throws a BBQ dinner for the new teachers and one later for all staff to mingle with the new staff.”

Discovery College (Hong Kong) (5 Comments) – “We had a dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Also a drinks/appetizers with the larger ESF organization.”


Not that you would ask about this topic at your interview or anything, but it might be important to ask the administrator who’s interviewing you the details of the new teachers orientation week.  You do want to know how they support new teachers to make a smooth transition.

On International School Community we have a number of principals and directors of international schools that are members. Currently, we have 20 Directors/Heads of School that have joined.  Some of the international schools they work at are:

The Bilingual School of Monza
• International Community School Addis Ababa
Olive Green International School
International School of Dusseldorf
ABC International School (Tokyo)
International School Groningen
Garden International School

Log-on today to check out the many comments and information submitted in this section topic!  Become the most informed you can be when it comes to finding out the benefits an international school offers to its new teachers.

So, does your international school include a dinner out with the director and administration as part of their new teacher orientation?  Please share your experiences!


International School Community Member Spotlight #12: Richard Yates (Olive Green International School)

Every 1-2 months International School Community will highlight one of our members in our Member Spotlight feature.  This month we interviewed Richard Yates:

Tell us about your background.  Where are you from?  Where have you worked?  What experiences have you had living abroad?

1. I started my overseas teaching at Colegio San Silvestre in Lima Peru — that was 30 years ago — as Head of Economics and Teacher of History. I was fortunate that Mr Derek Pringle was Head of History who went on to be one of the leading ‘lights’ of IBO in South America. In 1982 posts were difficult to get in the UK and the Headmistress of San Silvestre Mrs. Beryl Milburn gave me a chance — for five years!

2. Then moved on to the Gulf in Kuwait and taught at the NES and KES for two years — very hot and very dry

3. Moved to Malaysia and again spent 5 years at Sayfol International School as first teacher then Deputy Head and finally Head. Was asked to set up a new school Mutiara International Grammar School again in KL. Later I was recruited to set up another International school at Malacca but after 6 months preparation it failed to take off due the the economic downturn

4. In between most of these contracts I returned to  the UK to ‘update’ myself on current trends but sadly the UK was in educational decline as it still is.

5. Recruited to India to set up a school in Pune called the Lexicon International School and after two years was then asked to Head a new school just opened in Ahmedabad, Gujarat called Springfield International School.

6. The school’s name was changed to Olive Green International School and we are authorized for IB PYP and CIE IGCSE. We are currently in the process of candidate school for IB MYP and in two years will apply for DP.

7. All schools are unique and all have their own ‘feel’.

8. Culturally all countries are different and have both pros and cons. For me this diversity is both rewarding and gives immense satisfaction.

9. Do I have one favourite school? the answer is no. I have enjoyed all and hope that my many students have benefited from their interaction with me.

10. To use an old cliche “Education is for Life” — and for me each day is a new experience.

Thanks Richard! Want to know more, feel free to check out his profile page on our website.

If you are a member of International School Community and would like to be our next member spotlight, contact us here.  If we choose to highlight you, you will get a coupon code to receive 6 months free of premium access to our website!

Want to teach at an international school in India like Richard?  Currently, we have 42 international schools listed in India on International School Community.  Some of our members have left comments and information on the following schools in this country:

École Mondiale World School (7 Comments)
Dhirubhai Ambani International School (5 Comments)
American School of Bombay (5 Comments)
Canadian International School Bangalore (8 Comments)
Stonehill International School (India) (7 Comments)
International School Aamby (6 Comments)
International School of Hyderabad (8 Comments)
• Kodaikanal International School (15 Comments)

International Teaching Predictions for 2012 #6: India

#6: International Schools in India

“We are seeing a number of interesting developments in India but most international schools receive fees that are so low that they cannot pay western teachers anything near what they are expecting. India is a booming economy but with a decent educational system and a good supply of home grown teachers, only the very top or most motivated international schools can hire you so there will be limited but interesting opportunities. Another space to watch as the year progresses.”

Taken from the “Teach the World with Teachanywhere” blog written by General Manager by Diane Jacoutot.

Agra, India

Currently (as of 8 May, 2012), on, we have 42 international schools listed in this region of the world.  That makes India rank #4 (out of 13) in terms of the regions of the world with the highest number of international schools listed on our website.  According to the article and to what we see happening in our community, there are many new international schools being founded each year in both regions.  For example out of the 165 international schools listed in SE Asia, 72 of them are less than 15 years old; that is a little bit less than half. The expat communities there seem to be growing and thus the need for more international schools is also growing, especially in areas like Thailand and Indonesia.

Out of the 177 countries that we have listed on our website, the top six countries with the highest number of international schools listed on International School Community are the following:
1. China (112 schools listed)
2. United Arab Emirates (43 schools listed)
3. India (42 schools listed)
4. Thailand (39 schools listed)
5. United States (37 schools listed)
6. Japan (35 schools listed)

Out of the 15 cities that we have listed for the country of India, the top three cities with the highest number of international schools listed on International School Community are the following:
1. Mumbai (10 schools listed)
2. Bangalore (6 schools listed)
3. Calcutta (4 schools listed)

Some more facts about these international schools in India listed on our website:
• 5 teach the American Curriculum, 20 teach the U.K. curriculum and 1 teach the IPC curriculum.
• 27 are less than 15 years old, 9 are between 16 and 50 years old and 6 are more than 51 years old.
• 27 are For-profit schools and 15 are Non-profit schools.

The following schools in India have had comments and information submitted on them:
École Mondiale World School (7 Comments)
Canadian International School Bangalore (8 Comments)
Stonehill International School (India) (7 Comments)
International School Aamby (6 Comments)
International School of Hyderabad (8 Comments)
Kodaikanal International School (15 Comments)
American School of Bombay (5 Comments)

There are many more!  Check out the rest of them here.A few of our members currently work at international schools in the India region:
Richard Yates
 (Olive Green International School in Ahmedabad)
Priyanka Bhowmik
(Pathways World School in Gurgaon)


Check out the rest of our members here. If you are interested in working at an international school in the India region that one of our members currently works at, feel free to send these members a private message with the questions and concerns you would like first-hand account answers too.

So, we will just have to wait and see then how the “International School Community” in India actually pans out for the year 2012.