About IS Community

International School Community offers:

The ability to search for the international school that fits your criteria.
The opportunity to network with other international educators.
The platform to read and share information and comments about more than 1300 international schools around the world.

Why International School Community?

We wanted to create a website that would highlight the ins and outs of the international school educator profession. Most of us got into this field because we strive to explore and experience different parts of the world firsthand. However, we also got into this field for a multitude of other reasons: career, money, love, etc.

Our main goal for this website is to provide experienced teachers the platform to share what they know so that prospective and also the experienced teachers can make more informed decisions as they venture out to a new international school.

We want members to provide real information that is real specific; information that is related to all the different topics we need to know about before signing a contract. International School Community offers more up-to-date information in a highly organized, easy to use manner.

International School Community strongly encourages for members to leave comments and information that are useful for everyone. We encourage non-subjective comments and specific information that are based your personal experience at a school. Enjoy being an active member on this website, and help yourself and others to continue on in the “international school community.”

Join today at www.internationalschoolcommunity.com!

International School Community
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