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Video Highlight: Marymount International School (Rome) (Eithne Gallagher)

There are some international schools out there that have very inspired teachers. Eithne Gallagher would definitely be one of them!

Marymount International School (Rome)

Eithne Gallagher is one of the leading EAL specialists in the international school teaching community.  She has been a presenter at countless conferences and led a variety of workshops related to international schools, mother tongue programming as well as English as an Additional Language teaching philosophy and strategies.

International schools have much to think about with regards to how they create opportunities to help their students maintain their mother tongue/home language.  Having a Mother Tongue Celebration Day is a one idea presented in this video to acknowledge and affirm students’ home languages.

Want to know more about what life is like as a teacher at this international school?  Take a look a their profile page on our website – Marymount International School (Rome)

Additionally, you can check out the school’s website here and their employment page here.

Currently on www.internationalschoolcommunity.com we have 29 international schools listed in Italy with 7 of them being in the city of Rome.  The number of comments and information that have been submitted for each school is listed to the right the link to each school.  Here are a just a few of them:

• Bilingual European School of Milan (16 Comments)
• The Bilingual School of Monza (8 Comments)
• Sir James Henderson School (7 Comments)
• International School of Trieste (9 Comments)
• Ambrit-Rome International School (7 Comments)
• International School of Bologna (8 Comments)
• The English International School of Padua (12 Comments)
American School of Milan (13 Comments)
International School in Genoa (10 Comments)

If you know about what it is like working at one of these international schools in Italy, log-on today and submit your own comments and information.  If you submit more than 30 comments and information, then you can get 1 year of premium access to International School Community for free!

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