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We now have over 1000 members on International School Community: Membership Promotion of 50% off all subscriptions!

It is a time of celebration for International School Community as we now have over 1000 members on our website!

International School Community’s website launched back in February 2011.  When our first newsletter came out in May 2011, we only had 49 members!  Lately, during the past 3-4 months, we have been getting over 100 people signing up to become members each month.  We hope this trend continues!  The more members we have, the more people we have sharing what they know about life working at international schools.

International School Community’s goal is to be the largest online community for international schools educators.  Our website provides a useful, informative and celebratory environment for networking with other international school teachers and learning about different international schools around the world.

We wanted to create a website that would highlight the ins and outs of the international school educator profession and working at international schools (the benefits, the school itself, the city and travel information, etc.). Most of us got into this field because we strive to explore and experience different parts of the world firsthand.  However, we also got into this field for a multitude of other reasons: career, money, love, etc.

Another major goal for this website is to provide experienced teachers the platform to share what they know so that prospective and seasoned international school teachers can make more informed decisions as they venture out to a new international school.  Making connections and gathering information about international schools in our community has never been easier!  Whether you are looking to make new friends, network with other international school teachers or learn more about the wonderful world of teaching at international schools, International School Community is the place to be.

We want members to provide real information that is specific; information that is related to all the different topics we need to know about before signing a contract. International School Community offers more up-to-date information in a highly organized, easy-to-use manner.

You can search our vast collection of international school profile pages to find that specific international school you want to know about. You can also search our member profiles and be able to find a contact to send a private message to so that you can get firsthand information about a school that member has worked at. We also offer a vast amount of information and links related to the world of teaching at international schools and education in general via our blog.  While the focus of the site is to serve the international school teaching community by providing real and useful information about international schools, we have specifically organized our website to promote our members to leave comments and information that are useful for everyone.  Enjoy being an active member on this website and help yourself and others to continue on in the international school community.

We strive to have the largest collection of resources and services for the international teaching community.  International School Community really wants to take writing reviews and comments about international schools to the next level.  So, give us a chance! If you really have an interest in what this community has to offer, we promise you will not be disappointed with us!!

Here are what some of our current members are saying about International School Community:

“It’s really useful…it’s a really good way to find out practical info about schools when you’re looking for jobs. If you are interested in particular schools, you can just contact any member from that school to find out insider info! It’s also good if you just want to find out what life is like for teachers in other cities! Really unique idea!” (An international teacher in China)

“International School Community is a great resource for international school teachers. Whether you are doing research for a new job, or just connecting with other teachers, this site is has a plethora of great information. I especially love that this site has a positive feel to it, rather than a place for teachers to vent. I really recommend registering to be a part of this great idea.” (An international teacher in South Korea)

“You have an amazingly wonderful website and seeing these comments is extremely helpful to me.” (A teacher looking to teach abroad at international schools)

As we move forward making International School Community the website to go to when looking for information about working at international schools, we are currently working on our new website.  It is filled with many updates and new features!  Here is a sneak peak of our new homepage:

Join us today and receive 1 month free of premium membership.  If you are already a member enjoy a 50% off coupon when you renew your current subscription: HALFOFF912.  Just log on to your account, click on the My Account tab, then click on the “renew your subscription” link, enter in the code and you will get 50% off of the subscription you choose.  So, that is only $5 for one month, $10 for six months and only $15 for one year!  (This coupon code and promotion will expire on the 22nd of September, 2012.)

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