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Highlighted article: Why for-profit schools can be good.

We found are recently released article about the topic all international school teachers are talking about: for-profit international schools and non-profit international schools.

The staff at International School Community have experience working at both types of international schools and there are definitely important factors to consider and common experiences that we have shared. There are both negatives and positives to consider when you are about to sign a contract to work at a for-profit schools, but we must note that not all for-profit schools are the same.

“GEMS schools director: “We don’t care about profit”

A senior executive at leading private schools group GEMS Education has denied that the firm is motivated by profit.

“Our chairman Sunny Varkey doesn’t care about profit,” Raminder Vig, director of schools at GEMS UK told EducationInvestor. “He actually gives money away.”

Vig was speaking as the group embarks upon a major expansion of its UK schools business.

GEMS currently runs 10 schools in the UK, but it acquired these schools from other operators, rather than creating them from scratch. It now plans to open six new schools over the next two years, and promises that they will charge more competitive fees than many existing private schools.

The group plans to open the first of the new schools, in Hounslow, west London, this September.

Vig says the group yet to make a profit in the UK.

Vig’s comments represent an apparent shift in emphasis from comments made by other GEMS executives in the past, which have tended to call on the government to make it easier to make a profit in the UK schools market.

In 2009, the firm’s then chief executive Anders Hultin warned that the Conservative’s proposed free school programme would fail, if private firms weren’t allowed to run schools for a profit.

His successor Zenna Atkins, who spent seven weeks as chief executive of GEMS UK, made similar comments to the Sunday Telegraph when she took the job in autumn 2010.

“Currently the private sector, if you’re running a school, has to set up a charitable vehicle to do that and that seems to be an unnecessary level of bureaucracy,” she told the paper.”

Out of the 1209 international schools listed on www.internationalschoolcommunity.com 489 are for-profit and 720 are non-profit schools.  If you prefer to work at a non-profit international school, it looks like you are in luck as they are currently in the majority on our website!  There are many placement companies out there right now that have made a prediction indicating that for-profit international schools will be the way of the future.  In turn, we might see the number of for-profit schools rising.

What is your experience working at for-profit international schools?  Please share your questions and concerns by leaving a comment.

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