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Free webinar from Teachers International Consultancy (TIC): Help for Teachers Considering Move to Middle East

Are you considering teaching abroad? With over 3,000 international schools in Asia, the Middle East has become an exciting and desirable destination with plenty of teaching opportunities available. All international schools teach in English, meaning there are an incredible number of possibilities for teachers with two or three years experience.

John Hrycak moved from his post in Preston, UK to Amman in Jordan. He’s found a way to combine adventurous life experiences with his career. “I have seen some wonderful sunsets, been to the Dead Sea for a float and visited Petra” he says, whilst adding “I feel like I am getting somewhere [with my career] which would take a long time to achieve if I were in the UK.”

Taking the next step to teaching abroad can be challenging, so Teachers International Consultancy (TIC) is holding a free webinar on Tuesday 15th May entitled Teaching in the Middle East. The half hour session will be hosted by TIC director Andrew Wigford, who has over 20 years experience working in and with international schools. The webinar will include advice on the different teaching opportunities available, explain about salaries and contracts, and include time for you to ask any questions you may have.

Teaching in the Middle East webinar begins at 5pm on Tuesday 15th May. To reserve your place now, visit:


For more information, visit the TIC website www.findteachingjobsoverseas.co.uk or call TIC at +44(0)2920-212-083

As always for almost 5000 comments and information about 1200+ international schools, check out the latest school profile updates on International School Community.

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