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Traveling Around: Tbilisi, Georgia (The life of an international school teacher is good!)

Traveling Around: Tbilisi, Georgia

Can you relate?

• Walking around with a hotel employee with her trying to help me find a place to clean a new carpet I just bought.
• Putting an update on Facebook on where I am and everyone not knowing where Tbilisi is.
• Enjoying the walks through the city’s many parks, filled with Georgian people playing games or sitting on a bench.
• Arriving and being told that the government has turned off the hot water in the hotel building.
• Checking out very old art (e.g. mosaics) and being in awe of the detail and history of each piece.
• Realizing the main airport has many flights arriving in the wee hours of the morning.
• Eating out and finding the restaurant prices very expensive.
• Seeing the city’s amusement park on the mountain in the distance and regretting not going up to check it out.
• Finding the Georgian eyebrows to be rather large.
• Trying some of the local treats that include different kinds of dates and figs.
• Learning a little bit about the Georgian language and also practicing the limited vocabulary that I know in Russian, almost 15 years after having learned it.
• Taking pictures of the city’s stray cat population.  A mark of a great city is its stray cats.
• Finding my way in a hired car to the nearby town of Mtskheta and enjoying the view from the Monastery.
• Eyeing a piece of original artwork for 3 days, finally going over to bargain with the seller, ending up buying a really great piece.
• Having a goal to actually buy things (normally don’t buy souvenirs) for my home.
• Walking by the city’s main theater and being bombarded by many locals dressed up in their traditional clothes, not realizing exactly what had just transpired.
• Looking through the small openings on the city buildings to try and figure out what these “stores” were selling.

Currently we have two international schools listed in Georgia on International School Community. They are:

• New School International (Georgia) (3 Comments)

If you are on a trip right now, away from your host country, write to us at admin@internationalschoolcommunity.com with your “Can you relate?” traveling experiences.  Tell us where you are traveling in the world and how you are coping with any culture shock.  If we choose your “Can you relate?” experience, International School Community will give you a coupon code for 1 free month of premium membership!

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