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Schools around the world get chance to sing in global recording

An exciting global singing project has been announced. The project is called Voices around the World and the aim is for young people all over the world to learn and participate in a global recording of a song called Building Our Own Future. The song has been written by UK singer/songwriter Howard Jones.

Schools and youth choirs are being encouraged to create their own recording of the song so that it can then be included in a mass world-wide recording which will be released as a single in December.

Vocals, choir parts and backing music is all available free of charge and easily accessible to schools and groups on the Voices Around the World website page at www.wave7music.co.uk . Details of how to submit a recording, simply by uploading it to the website, are also available. The single, which will be released in December, will include the voices of hundreds if not thousands of children from schools and groups all over the world.

Grazebrook Primary School in Hackney, London is one school already in rehearsal. “We love a good sing song,” says Headteacher, Michelle Thomas. “And being part of a global recording is incredibly exciting for us all. It’s a thrilling collaboration and we can’t wait to hear the mass recording knowing that we’re a part of it.”

Howard Jones explains the song: “This song is about the potential within all of us to create our own unique future, and taking on the responsibility for the happiness of ourselves and our fellow human beings.” He’s sent a message to the schools already participating in the project saying: “It is amazing to hear that you have been learning to sing Building Our Own Future in many countries around the world. I hope you are enjoying singing the song and I can’t wait to hear you all.”

The International Primary Curriculum and the British Council are two organisations already involved and are encouraging the schools around the world that they work with to participate. Organiser Laurie Lewin says “It’s a collaborative project on a global scale aimed at linking the voices of young people everywhere.”

Recordings of Building Our Own Future by schools and choirs need to be submitted by 18th July. You can listen to a version of the song and find out more information on the Voices Around the World website page at http://www.wave7music.co.uk  or at www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnnHj8OgPY

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