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International Teaching Predictions for 2012 #5: SE Asia

#5: International Schools in SE Asia

“We expect continued growth in Indonesia, Malaysia and even Vietnam as those emerging economies steadily prosper.  Salaries may seem very low in these countries but the cost of living is even lower so teachers who are flexible and open minded may find huge savings potential here along with a fascinating lifestyle.

Malaysia has invested in English / EFL Advisors and we have those jobs available. The pay and benefits packages are not as high as the Middle East but the cost of living is very, very low.   The Malaysia core subject reform has not taken off like the EFL section due to government policy changes so I don’t expect the core subject advisory jobs to materialise in any great number this year.

Based on our school visits, I can say that schools in the Far East and SE Asia tend to be more academically focussed on average, when compared to similar schools in the Middle East, North Africa and even Europe.  High educational attainment is an integral part of many cultures here and it’s reflected in attitudes towards schools, teachers and academics.  The combination of high quality educational focus and high economic growth in this part of the world must be hugely exciting for many teachers.”Taken from the “Teach the World with Teachanywhere” blog written by General Manager by Diane Jacoutot.

Bali Indonesia

Currently (as of 21 April, 2012), on www.internationalschoolcommunity.com, we have 156 international schools listed in this region of the world.  That makes the East Asia region rank #4 (out of 13) in terms of the regions of the world with the highest number of international schools listed on our website.  According to the article and to what we see happening in our community, there are many new international schools being founded each year in both regions.  For example out of the 165 international schools listed in SE Asia, 72 of them are less than 15 years old; that is a little bit less than half. The expat communities there seem to be growing and thus the need for more international schools is also growing, especially in areas like Thailand and Indonesia.

Out of the 11 countries that we have listed in the SE Asia region, the top four countries with the highest number of international schools listed on International School Community are the following:
1. Thailand (39 schools listed)
2. Indonesia (28 schools listed)
3. Malaysia (20 schools listed)
4. Vietnam (17 schools listed)

Some more facts about these SE Asian international schools:
• 42 teach the American Curriculum, 61 teach the U.K. curriculum and 7 teach the IPC curriculum.
• 72 are less than 15 years old, 61 are between 16 and 50 years old and 23 are more than 51 years old.
• 91 are For-profit schools and 65 are Non-profit schools.

The following schools in SE Asia have had comments and information submitted on them:
Hornbill School (Brunei) (6 Comments)
Logos International School (6 Comments)
Northbridge International School (9 Comments)
Garden International School (18 Comments)
International School of Kuala Lumpur (26 Comments)
Nexus International School (18 Comments)
International School of Myanmar (10 Comments)
International School Manila (32 Comments)
Singapore American School (11 Comments)
Bangkok Patana School (14 Comments)
International School Bangkok (16 Comments)
KIS International School (Bangkok) (39 Comments)
Hampton International School (13 Comments)
Concordian International School (15 Comments)
St. Stephen’s International School (Khao Yai) (12 Comments)
International School Saigon Pearl (12 Comments)
Global Jaya International School (11 Comments)
Canggu Community School (10 Comments)

There are many more!  Check out the rest of them here.Many of our members currently work at international schools in the SE Asia region:

Claire Dirk (Cambodia International Academy in Cambodia)
Steven Bentley (Vietnam American International School in Vietnam)
Shantel Seevaratnam (Dalat International School in Malaysia)
Christopher Fadera (Brent School Manila in Philippines)
Dawn Schlecht (International School of Myanmar in Myanmar)
Venkataraman Swaminathan (Bina Bangsa School in Indonesia)
Linda Belonje (KIS International School (Bangkok) in Thailand)
Ceri Thorns (Systems Little House in Vietnam)

There are many more! Check out the rest of them here. If you are interested in working at an international school in the SE Asia region that one of our members currently works at, feel free to send these members a private message with the questions and concerns you would like first-hand account answers too.

So, we will just have to wait and see then how the “International School Community” in SE Asia actually pans out for the year 2012.

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