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International Teaching Predictions for 2012 #4: East Asia

#4: International Schools in East Asia

“It is no coincidence that a number of established British schools groups are uprooting from the UK and relocating their headquarters to Hong Kong. First Nordanglia, and two more big names following next year (not sure it’s been announced so I don’t want to say publicly what I have been told privately).  The Far East and Southeast Asia is an economic bright spot and will remain so for many years to come.  Not only is the international school scene vibrant, especially in China, but a number of state schools -both privately and publicly funded are looking to hire more western expatriates to teach their academic high flyers.  So the appetite, especially in China, for teachers will be voracious in 2012 for teachers.  Teachanywhere are also included in a bid for state schools in Hong Kong, so if that comes through, there may be lots of opportunity there as well.

Based on our school visits, I can say that schools in the Far East and SE Asia tend to be more academically focussed on average, when compared to similar schools in the Middle East, North Africa and even Europe.  High educational attainment is an integral part of many cultures here and it’s reflected in attitudes towards schools, teachers and academics.  The combination of high quality educational focus and high economic growth in this part of the world must be hugely exciting for many teachers.”

Taken from the “Teach the World with Teachanywhere” blog written by General Manager by Diane Jacoutot.

Currently (as of 12 April, 2012), on www.internationalschoolcommunity.com, we have 165 international schools listed in this region of the world.  That makes the East Asia region rank #2 (out of 13) in terms of the regions of the world with the highest number of international schools listed on our website.  According to the article and to what we see happening in our community, there are many new international schools being founded each year in both regions.  For example out of the 165 international schools listed in East Asia, 84 of them are less than 15 years old; that is a little bit over half. The expat communities there seem to be growing and thus the need for more international schools is also growing, especially in areas like China.

Out of the four countries that we have listed in the East Asia region, the top four countries with the highest number of international schools listed on International School Community are the following:
1. China (107)
2. Japan (34)
3. South Korea (21)
4. Mongolia (3)

Some more facts about these East Asian international schools:
• 54 teach the American Curriculum, 35 teach the U.K. curriculum and 3 teach the IPC curriculum.
• 84 are less than 15 years old, 51 are between 16 and 50 years old and 20 are more than 30 years old.
• 88 are For-profit schools and 77 are Non-profit schools.

The following schools in East Asia have had comments and information submitted on them:
Seoul International School (32 Comments)
Dulwich College Seoul (10 Comments)
Seoul Foreign School (12 Comments)
North London Collegiate School (Jeju) (9 Comments)
International School of Ulaanbaatar (10 Comments)
Orchlon School (11 Comments)
American School in Japan (19 Comments)
K. International School Tokyo (10 Comments)
Kyoto International School (9 Comments)
Hiroshima International School (16 Comments)
American International School of Guangzhou (12 Comments)
Western Academy Beijing (30 Comments)
International School of Beijing (15 Comments)
Shanghai Rego International School (72 Comments)
Western International School of Shanghai (27 Comments)
Xi’an Hi-Tech International School (10 Comments)
American International School (Hong Kong) (22 Comments)
Hong Kong Academy Primary School (14 Comments)
Access International Academy (Ningbo) (6 Comments)

There are many more!  Check out the rest of them here.

Many of our members currently work at international schools in the East Asia region:
Paul Grundy (Taipei European School in Taiwan)
Rae Yang (Chinese International School in China)
Mayke van Krevel (Shanghai Rego International School in China)
Kelly Norris (Nishimachi International School in Addis Ababa)
Kiyo Horii (Nishimachi International School in Japan)
Mercy Grace Caliente (International Academy of Beijing in China)

There are many more! Check out the rest of them here. If you are interested in working at an international school in the East Asia region that one of our members currently works at, feel free to send these members a private message with the questions and concerns you would like first-hand account answers too.

So, we will just have to wait and see then how the “International School Community” in East Asia actually pans out for the year 2012.

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