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International Teaching Predictions for 2012 #1: Western Europe

#1: International Schools in Western Europe

“Europe has been very slow this year in terms of growth of international schools and I expect this to continue.  I predict that barring any further economic disasters in Euroland, many teachers in European schools will stay put and schools will not contract but continue to hold off expansion plans so opportunities will be very limited.  We can expect teacher salaries to remain flat with little competition to force them up, and in many parts of western Europe tax rates will probably increase.

For those with a right to work in the UK, public sector funding will limit the amount of supply jobs. However, London is a transitory place and therefore usually a vibrant market for resilient and flexible supply teachers who can teach successfully at challenging inner-city schools.  In the rest of England, however, Agency Worker Regulations are reshaping the landscape and teachers with a lot of experience will often be disadvantaged if they try to land long term supply jobs. We are renewing our partnership with Randstad Education so any teachers with a right to work in the UK wanting to work in London or Manchester areas should contact us.”

Taken from the “Teach the World with Teachanywhere” blog written by General Manager by Diane Jacoutot.

Currently (as of 11 March, 2012), on www.internationalschoolcommunity.com, we have 194 international schools listed in this region of the world.  That’s 35 more international schools than the region of the world with the next highest number which is in East Asia.  I am not for sure what that exactly means though as there just might be more international schools in Asia than in Europe or in the Middle East.  But what it does mean is that there are what would seem to be many options for people wanting to work in Western Europe.

Out of the 22 countries we have listed in Western Europe, the top four countries with the highest number of international schools listed on International School Community are the following:
1. Germany (32)
2. Italy (22)
3. Spain (21)
4. Switzerland (15)Some more facts about these Western European international schools:
• 36 teach the American Curriculum, 61 teach the U.K. curriculum and 18 teach the IPC curriculum.
• 61 are less than 15 years old, 91 are between 16 and 50 years old and 42 are more than 51 years old.
• 48 are For-profit schools and 146 are Non-profit schools.

The following schools have had comments and information submitted on them:
There are many more!  Check out the rest of them here.Many of our members currently work at international schools in Western Europe:
Natasha Marsoner (Munich International School)
Jeff Shaw (International School of the Hague)
Alex Lianne  (École Internationale Académie de la Capitale International School)
Cory Greenberg (Copenhagen International School)
Ian Lally (John F. Kennedy School Berlin)
Josselyn van der Pol (Berlin Brandenburg International School)

There are many more! Check out the rest of them here. If you are interested in working at an international school in Western Europe that one of our members currently works at, feel free to send these members a private message with the questions and concerns you would like first-hand account answers too.

So, we will just have to wait and see then how the “International School Community” in Western Europe actually pans out for the year 2012.
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