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More milestones: 300+ members, 3100+ submitted comments and information, & 1100+ school profiles!

We have had a surge of new members recently on International School Community this past month or so taking us over the 300 mark.  It is so interesting to look at the range of members that we have so far: veteran international school teachers, teachers new to the international school community, teachers who are thinking about getting into our community, retired international school teachers, international school parents, international school directors, etc…

And now there are new ways to search for the member that you would like to contact and network with.  Now you have the ability to sort our members by Current School, By Location and by First or Last Name.  It is much quicker now to find the members that best fits your criteria.  All premium members are able to send unlimited private messages to other members on our website.

Our 300+ members have now also submitted over 3100+ comments and information on our 1100+ international school profile pages.

On each school profile page there are 4 separate comment and information submission sections: School information, Benefits information, City information and Travel information. There are international schools getting updated each day.  If you are not a member already consider joining us today for free.  New members get 1 free month of premium access to our website.  In the international school community it is important we share what we know to help others make better informed decisions when looking for employment at an international school.

Check out our new updates on our school profile pages as well at www.internationalschoolcommunity.com. We have added the international school’s Facebook page updates, the school’s Youtube video introducing the school, a school profile search shortcut and more!

Thanks for everyone’s support so far!

From the staff at IS_Community

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