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Blogs of international school teachers: International Christian School teachers

What a great idea!

How wonderful if all schools had a separate page on their website listing all the personal blogs of its teachers!  Check out their website here.

Hong Kong

We would like to highlight a few of the entries on a couple of these blogs.

This international school teacher’s insight about moving back to your home country after teaching and living in Hong Kong is something we can all relate to:

“I think I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said I was happy to be moving back to Canada. There are many things I am looking forward to about going back, foremost among them, being closer to our family, but there are many things I am going to really miss about Hong Kong, especially my job.  In early June I included an article in one of my posts that I wrote in 2005 about what I will miss about Hong Kong.  I’ve learned there is a lot more to a place than you can read about in a book, or see in a television documentary. For the entire six years I lived in Hong Kong I was constantly learning new things about the city I didn’t know before.”

This international school teaching couple’s experience working with Chinese students (as compared to students from the USA) is quite intriguing:

“How do Chinese middle school students differ from US middle school students? You tell an American student that they can sit “anywhere” in the classroom and at least 60% of the students immediately drop to the floor.  They sit on pillows, lie under tables, and tuck into back corners.  Some sit on top of things too – perching on counters, desks, and begging to sit on the teacher’s spinning chair at the front of the room.

You tell a Chinese student that they can sit “anywhere” in the classroom and 30% of the move with tepid enthusiasm to sit near a friend while the rest of them stay where they are.  Those that move take seats… in another desk.  2-3 students may choose to sit on the classroom couch, but nobody takes to the floor unless required to do so by me.

A student of mine explained it to me on Friday by saying that Chinese kids are taught from an early age to fear uncleanliness and germs.  Even as young children many of them play in seats at tables, rather than in groups on the floor.  Therefore, it’s engrained in them from the start to avoid the floor if at all possible.”

If you know of any other great, insightful international school blogs out there or if you have one of your own that you would like for us to highlight, send us an email at editor@internationalschoolcommunity.com.

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