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Random international school profile stats on International School Community – 10 February, 2012

Using the School Profile Search feature on the main homepage of International School Community, we found the following stats about the 1097 international schools currently listed on our website.  (Updated from our November 2011 statistics)

Age of School:
Schools more than 51 years old: 223 ( 26 )
Schools from 16-50 years old: 456 ( 44)
Schools from 0-15 years old: 418 ( 72)

(The influx of new schools continues to be increasing!  I read somewhere that most new international schools in the world will be for profit schools.  East Asia still continues to be the area that has the highest number of “new” schools, but instead of the Middle East area being the second highest (like during the last ‘stats’ blog entry), now the second highest is in SE Asia.)

School Curriculum:
UK curriculum: 331 ( 50)
USA curriculum: 379 ( 29)
IB curriculum: 412 ( 34)

(The UK curriculum schools are now slowly catching up to the USA and IB curricula, but the IB international schools still continue to dominate our website.)

School Nature:
For-profit schools: 427 ( 91)
Non-profit schools: 670 ( 51)

(Non-profit schools are still in the lead for international schools represented on International School Community.  For-profit schools are still on the increase at a higher rate than non-profit schools though.  Soon they just might catch up and be on par with for-profit schools.)

School Region:
Schools in East Asia: 153 ( 24)
Schools in South America: 71 ( 1)
Schools in Middle East: 139 ( 21)
Schools in Western Europe: 183 ( 16)

(The clear winner still Western Europe, but East Asia is creeping up. It seems as if there are limited options really if you would like to work at an international school in South America as there just aren’t that many international schools there; the ones that are listed in South America on International School Community haven’t increased in the past few months like the other regions have.)

Feel free to make your own searches based on your criteria on International School Community.  You can search using up to eight different criteria (Region of the world, curriculum, school nature, number of students, country, age of school, metro population and kinds of student).  Members with premium membership are able to do unlimited searches on our website.  If you are already a member, you can easily renew your subscription on your profile page.  If you are not a member, become a member today and get 1 month free of premium membership.

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