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Survey results are in – How many countries have you traveled to so far this year? (in 2011)

The survey results are in, and it seems as if most visitors and members of International School Community have been to 1-3 countries in 2011.  We were thinking that people would have traveled to more countries as a typical international school teacher travels many times throughout the year, especially during winter and summer holidays.  Maybe we will do this survey again at the end of 2012 and see if we get similar results.

There are many reasons though why international school teachers decide not to travel so much, and one of those reasons is to save money.  Even though the international school teacher lifestyle affords us many opportunities and enough salary to travel and to travel often, traveling is still not that cheap.  The price of the flight and the hotel, plus the cost of going out to eat 2-3 times a day can add up pretty quick and soon you are spending 500-600 USD for a 4-6 day vacation to a city in Europe (for example).

In the near future International School Community will have new member profile pages, and you will be able to make a map of where you have traveled to in the world.  You will also be able to state where you will be traveling to next.  One way international school teachers get inspired to travel is by hearing about the travels of their colleagues.  Sometimes you get good ideas on where you might want to travel to next.  So, stay tuned for when we update our website in 2012.

Related to traveling…a great traveling website that we have subscribed to is the matadornetwork.com website.

We have highlighted entries from their website in these blog entries of ours:

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Great link – 10 Steps to Becoming Fluent in a Language in 6 Months or Less

So, what countries are we going to travel to in 2012?  For many of us, the options are endless really.  Go on safari in Africa?  Go see the pyramids in Egypt?  Spend a week on a beach in Thailand?  Ah, the life of international school educators!  If you are an international school teacher and keep a blog about your travels, contact us at admin@internationalschoolcommunity.com and we will highlight it on our website.  We will also give you a coupon code to receive one extra free month of premium membership to our website.

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