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Great resource: Association of International Schools in Africa

Curious about what international schools there are in Africa?  The Association of International Schools in Africa website has 100s of international schools listed that are found in many of the African countries.

“Representing international schools on the continent of Africa, AISA has a membership of schools which range in size from 20 to 3600 students. AISA schools are strongly influenced by their location in Africa and their cosmopolitan student enrollment and teaching staffs who emanate from countries across the globe. Some AISA schools have an American based curriculum, others are British, and still others have an eclectic mix. All have an international focus.”

According their their website, there are nearly 42,000 students and over 2,500 teachers and administrators in their association of international schools in Africa.

They have a directory of schools which can be found here.  Here are just a few of the many schools listed in the directory:

Currently there are 91 international schools listed in the Sub-Saharan region and 37 international schools listed in the North Africa region on the International School Community’s Schools List page.

Check out all the detailed information about these schools on their school profile pages on our website.  International School Community’s school profile pages are organized into 4 categories: School, Benefits, City and Travel information.  Each category is designed to provide information and comments about the things international school teachers want to know about and give an excellent glimpse into what life would be like working at an international school and living in the city in which is resides.  Here is an example school profile page on International School Community for American International School of Conakry in Guinea (Sub-Saharan Africa).

Check out the other international schools in Africa on International School Community here.

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