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Featured article: Moving Overseas with Children by Teachers International Consultancy (part 2)

Moving Overseas with Children (part 2)

Teachers International Consultancy (TIC) has helped hundreds of teachers and their families move to new jobs abroad. Here is some of the advice TIC offers to anyone moving overseas with school-age children, whatever the reason for your move:

  • Organise an interview with the Headteacher of your children’s school upon arrival in your new country. Disclose all information about your children at that point in time; the more the school knows about your children the better they can support them. At this meeting schedule follow-up meetings with the Headteacher so that you can be sure of regular updates on your child’s progress as they settle into their new school.
  • If your child is joining an international school where many expatriate children attend, then expect the school to be the social as well as the learning centre for the community. Parents are often far more involved with school activities, there may be regular family-oriented events and usually plenty of opportunities for parents to volunteer support. This all helps everyone to settle in quickly and easily.
  • Learn some simple phrases in the host country’s language before moving out. Once you’re there, use them when you can. This will not only help you to settle in with the local community but will also show your children what a difference making an effort with your local language can make.
  • Research sport and social clubs in the local community that your children may want to get involved with. It’s a great way to get to know local people.

Go in open-minded. Moving to a new country opens up huge possibilities to become immersed in a different culture and this can be a very enriching experience for the entire family. Don’t limit your new life entirely to the social community created from the school; be prepared to look further afield. But in your first few weeks, your children’s school can be a common ground to help make friends, share experiences and feel a little bit of home away from home.

For more advice about moving overseas go to www.findteachingjobsoverseas.co.uk

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