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Overview of an int’l school #1 – International School of Budapest

How great that each international school is unique!

In this overview of an international school we would like to highlight International School of Budapest in Hungary.

Currently there are 5 international schools listed in Hungary on International School Community.

September 2011
ISB continues to be unique in what it offers through its international and two bilingual programmes.  It draws on the skills element of the English curriculum and adapts the content to meet the needs of its diverse community. This allows the school to offer an international experience whilst meeting the standards set in the UK. As ever the school has an experienced staff, drawing on international teachers from English speaking countries across the world, working in partnership with their Hungarian colleagues from the bilingual programme. Image
International ProgrammeISB offers a full international programme alongside its bilingual programmes. In particular the school can offer the opportunity for non-Hungarian speaking children to learn Hungarian and find out more about the country that they are living in.  This is a great chance to pick up an official EU language.

Bilingual Programme

The bilingual programme offers students the opportunity to study the full Hungarian curriculum as well as experience an international based education to develop English skills taught by native speaker teachers.   Growing in popularity is the Advanced Bilingual programme which enables students to have a more international/English-based programme as well as core lessons in Hungarian Language/Literature and mathematics. For both of these programmes students must be fluent in Hungarian.
ISB’s Prep classes offer a bridge between Kindergarten and school introducing basic literacy and numeracy skills.  Many children attend the International Prep class to build up their English skills and others to develop their Hungarian whilst preparing for Grade 1.


Many teachers have been at ISB for a long time giving the school stability, whilst at the same time the school can draw on the new ideas of those starting there in August.  This blend allows ISB to build on its well-established programmes from Prep through to Grade 8. (Year 1 to Year 9 in England). ISB’s international teachers come from the UK, USA and New Zealand.
The ELL (English Language and Literature) scheme is a core element of all of the school’s education programmes. This has been developed to meet the needs of a wide range of language abilities drawing on resources commonly used in the UK and US.
All the main teaching rooms are equipped with data-projectors and have the option of interactive whiteboard facilities.  Use is made of digital technology to encourage and enhance communication skills.


Extra-curricular Programmes

The school has an extensive after-school programme.  Basic supervision is covered in the school fee and a wide range of activities are offered on a subscription basis: Cooking, chess, football, art and crafts, dance, swimming, piano, guitar, drama and more. Last year ISB held its first open chess tournament for young children building on the internal tournaments it has held over the past few years.
Last May the school’s Middle School football team participated in an international tournament in Poland and plans to go to Bucharest this coming year.  Throughout the year the school aims to have competitive matches for all age groups.
Over the years ISB has developed its performing arts, taking advantage of the large multi-purpose room complete with full-size stage, lighting and sound system. All children get the opportunity to perform at regular assemblies and the school also puts on  longer performances. Children taking piano lessons take part in piano recitals.
Last year Grades 5 and 6 visited London and the South Coast whilst Grade 7 and 8 went to Berlin. Visits like these and local ones are an important feature of the school’s programme aimed at broadening the students’ learning experience and are closely linked to the curriculum.
Each February the school organises a ski trip for its children and their families.
Most important of all, ISB continues to deliver high standards of education, especially in English Language and Literacy in a stimulating, challenging, supportive and friendly environment.


ISB is a long-established international and bilingual school with a very clear vision for its own development. The vision is based around the three pillars of providing:

1. Excellent teaching.
2. A safe inclusive and stimulating environment for learning,
3. Two linked programmes: international and bilingual education.

This third aspect makes ISB a unique school in Hungary.
The school benefits from being in the leafy environment of the Buda hills, surrounded by quiet forest. Classes are small as the school believes in a close, supportive approach to the social and academic development of every one of its students. There is a strong tradition of parental involvement and support. The teachers come from a variety of national backgrounds. They are well qualified, and well experienced for this particular kind of teaching. ISB is a member of the CIS (Council of International Schools).


The main school building houses Science, Music, Art and computer facilities, a theatre, and a very well-stocked library. All the main teaching rooms are equipped with data-projectors and access to interactive whiteboard facilities. There is a playground next to the school building. On the campus site there is a sports hall and extensive playing field areas which are used for sports activities.

Special events

Special celebrations and projects are held throughout the year, such as International Week, Sports Day and Book Week. Day trips and residential trips are also a feature of school life, which include the Middle School residential trip to the UK.

Step Into English

The school offers an English language course from late September to early May for children who would be enrolled in the following year. This programme is aimed at building up the children’s communication and study skills in English as well as familiarising them with the school.
The school is committed to providing excellent education at an affordable price.


Facts & Figures

Address: District 12, (1121) Budapest, Konkoly-Thege u. 21.
Tel.: +36 1 395 6543
Fax: +36 1 395 5376
Internet: www.isb.hu
Principal: Mr Mark Davies
Age range: 5-14
Languages:  International Programme – English   Bilingual Programme – Hungarian and English
Advanced Bilingual Programme – more lessons in English
Fee structure

Tuition fee 2011 /2012
International: 9,800 Euro – 10.900 Euro / year
Bilingual: 1.800.00 HUF – 2.100.000 HUF / year

No. of students: 125
Campus facilities: Purpose-built building in Budapest’s greenest area with theatre, sports hall, playing field, playground, dining room.

**This article was taken from the The Budapest Times website.

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