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Blogs of international school teachers: “Love International Living”

Are you inspired to start up a blog about your adventures living abroad?

Check out the experiences of another teacher from the moment they signed the contract to what they are writing about after a few years working abroad.

Our 5th blog that we would like to highlight is called “Love International Living.”   Similar to our last highlighted blog, it has some great insight into how important the first few weeks are for new teachers during their orientation days to their new city and new school.  There is also much information to be learned what life is really like working at Chadwick International School – Songdo.

Entries we would like to highlight:

Settling In…:
“On the 29th we begin we our Korean language classes.  So far I can only say “hello” and “thank you” so I’m really looking forward to getting more communication help.  We’re told the Korean character system is super logical and easy to understand, so we’ll hopefully be able to read Korean soon.”

New Songdo Exists!:
“Chadwick (International School) has been incredible.  Our president and our headmaster along with many other staffers picked us up from the airport, handed us a wad of money and took us home, to a high-rise called Well County.  There are three phases of the development so far and we live in the newest–the 300s.  Our internet phone and cable was already set up and the school is working out all kinds of incredible deals on internet and iphones and anything else we can imagine.”

Orientation Excitement:
“Usually, when you move to a new school, you have two weeks before school begins.  Often the first week is local culture and city orientation while the second week is work at school.  That’s great for a couple days, but by day three, you want to check out the school and get into your room and start setting up.”

  1. 21 August, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    Thank you for the highlight, ISC!

    • 4 January, 2012 at 8:54 am

      Excellent! We have a list of the blogs of international school teachers on our blog, and it is growing every week! So interesting, the lives of international school teachers!

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