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InternationalSchoolCommunity.com – 100 MEMBERS celebration!

Dear International School Community member,

It is time to celebrate!  We just had our 100th member sign up!

100 members celebration promotion: To celebrate, we would like to offer all members a 50% off discount code to renew their premium membership on International School Community.

1. Go to our website and log in.
2. Then click on the My Account tab.
3. Next click on the Renew My Subscription link. (if you are already logged-in, you can go directly to this page.)
4. Input the coupon code (100MEMBERS) and choose the length of premium subscription that best fits your needs.
* This coupon code will expire on 2 August, 2011

We very much appreciate everyone’s support so far.  As International School Community gets more and more members, our website becomes more and more of an excellent and useful resource for anyone interested in the field of international school teaching.  We currently have members that are veteran international school teachers, teachers who want to get into international school teaching, retired international school teachers, parents that send their children to international schools, current and former students of international schools around the world, etc.  Even schools themselves have also joined!

Our current 100 members represent international schools from over 26 countries.  They have experience in over 49 international schools!

Log-in today to check out the latest members on http://www.internationalschoolcommunity.com as well as the latest comments from the last 40 schools to be updated.

Best regards,
Admin staff at International School Community

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