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Great resource: Want to work at an international school in Japan?

Directory Listings of International Schools for Japan

Wow!  There are many international schools in Japan.  Actually, a high number of visits to International School Community each month are from Japan.  So, it is no surprise that there are many expats in Japan wanting information about the international schools there.

Also, on their website they have an overview of the Japan educational system which is quite intriguing to look at.

Highlights from this page:

Japan has 23,633 elementary schools, 11,134 junior high schools, 5,450 senior high schools, 995 schools for the handicapped, 702 universities, 525 junior colleges, and 14,174 kindergartens (May 2003 figures). School attendance rate for the nine years of compulsory education is 99.98%.

The average class size in suburban schools is between 35-40 students, though the national average had dropped to 28.4 pupils per class in 1995. 70% of teachers teach all subjects as specialist teachers are rare in elementary schools.

A large percentage of parents (65.1%) tend to select the school based on hearsay.

Special education institutions exist: 70 schools for the deaf (rougakko); 107 for the blind (mougakko); 790 for those with disabilities (yougogakko). This number is considered to be inadequate.

So, who wants to work in Japan??

Check out the international schools listed in Japan on International School Community.

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