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Survey results are in – Which benefit is the most important to you?

The survey results are in, and it seems as if HOUSING and SALARY are the most important benefits for the teachers that voted.  They both received the same amount of votes.

I have worked at an int’l school where the housing wasn’t included and I have also worked at a school when the housing was included.  It definitely made a difference on how I spent my money in those cities.  Rent usually accounts for a sizable portion of your salary.  When that cost is not there, then of course you will have much more money to spend on travel and just “livin’ it up” in the city you are in.  It is nice to not have to worry about paying your rent.  Sometimes the housing allowance does not cover the total cost of the rent, but still in that case it is more ideal than getting nothing to put towards the rent cost.  Other times you can find a place under the amount of your housing allowance.  In many countries the landlords can falsify the rent receipt documents to say that it costs more so that you can pocket the remainder of the housing allowance for yourself!

Yes, salary.  We all want a higher salary.  At some international schools the annual salary can be upwards of 100K USD (e.g. in some schools in Switzerland), but in other schools you salary can be much, much less.  Usually it depends on the cost of living in the city though; which is usually the main factor in how the school decides the salary to give to its teachers.  In some cities where the cost of living is low, you can save much more money even when your salary is also lower.  You can’t just look at a salary and make your decision whether or not to take the job.  The other benefits for sure come into play.  You must factor in the other benefits when looking at the salary amount.

Luckily on International School Community you can find detailed information about the salary and housing situation on a number of international schools right now!  Go ahead and have a search through the hundreds of schools that have been updated recently and check out their housing and salary information.  Our members are encouraged to submit comments and information about the salary and housing on the schools they have worked at.  Just scroll down to check out the benefits section.  It looks like this:

Too many benefits (or lack of benefits) to consider.  The problem is though when you move back to your host country.  Then you are most likely not going to get any of the benefits we get as international school teachers!

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