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Survey results are in – Which area of the world would you prefer to work in?

The survey results are in, and it seems as if Western Europe is the top area of the world that internationals school educators want to live and work in.

It is no surprise I suppose that many teachers desire to live in Western Europe.  Every time I go to a recruitment fair, I hear many people getting very excited about the prospects of moving to France, Switzerland, Spain, etc.  And each time that I go to the orientation session with all the candidates, the presenter always brings up this exact topic.  “Don’t get your heart set on finding a job in Europe!  There are many other excellent places to live in as well.”

So, what attracts many people to live and work in Western Europe?  The list could include:

  • Salary (in some countries it is quite high!)
  • Benefits (some retirement benefits are outstanding to say the least, and we all know that most international school teachers are spending all their savings on traveling!)
  • Location (you are very close to many different countries, including ones in North Africa)
  • Established schools (many school in this area have been around for 40+ years)

On our website, each international school profile page has a city section.  Pictured here is the voting part for this section.  If you are unsure of a specific area in the world, check out one of the international schools in that area on International School Community.  You will be able to get some insight into what life is like in different cities around the world without actually having to go there yourself first!


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