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Join International School Community today for free!

All new members that sign up will automatically receive 1 month free of premium access.  Join today and take a look around our website and enjoy free unlimited access to all of our site’s features.  Our recommendation is to check out the follow features that are just a few of the parts that makes International School Community unique:

  • In the center of the main homepage you will see our school profile search button.  Go ahead and put in your own criteria.  Example: East Asia, Non-profit, 0-15 years old, and USA curriculum.  Then press enter and check out all the schools on our website that fit that criteria.  How easy it is now to find the perfect school for you.
  • Take a look at all our current members.  Check out the schools that they represent.  Many members have listed the current school they work at and the schools that they have worked at in the past.  If you are so inclined, send a private message to one of our members to ask them specific questions about they schools they know about!  You will get firsthand information from one of your new contacts in this community.
  • Our most popular place to look at for most our members is the Recently Updated School Profiles page.  You can find the list of the last 40 schools to be updated; ones that have had new comments written on the school’s profile page.  One excellent feature on this page is the map at the top.  The pins that are placed on the map correspond to the schools listed on that page.  How cool is that?!

So, join today and take a look for yourself how International School Community is your new “go-to” website for all your information gathering related to the international school community.

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