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Member Search Feature: What positions do International School Community members have?

After using the member profile search feature on the main homepage of International School Community, we found the following results:

4 EAL Teachers
14 Classroom Teachers
1 Counselor
1 Biology Teacher
1 Curriculum Coordinator
1 Department Head
1 Drama Teacher
1 English Teacher
1 Social Studies
1 Librarian
2 Math Teachers
1 P.E. Teacher
2 Special Needs Teachers
1 Other

Reasons to use the member search function:

1. The member search feature can be very invaluable for a prospective teacher.  If you are a drama teacher looking for your first job at an international school, why not search for drama teachers on International School Community and send a private message to that person.  You could  ask then what their experience has been working as a drama teacher in international schools and whether they have any good leads on any job vacancies that they might know about.  I know I always have some information about a couple of  jobs in my field at international schools.

2. Networking! Want to find some EAL Teachers in Shanghai or a classroom teacher in China?  How about a Special Needs teacher in Thailand or a counselor in Argentina?  You can easily do these searches on International School Community.  Why not share resources with each other if you live in the same city?  You could even make a new friend!  We all know that knowing the right people can really make the difference when looking for your next placement!

3. Curiosity.  Maybe you might find some people that you used to know and have lost touch with.  On the other hand, you might be curious about moving to a certain region of the world or a specific country.  Using the member profile search feature, you can find some members that live in that area and then send them a private message with your questions.

Go ahead and try out your own International School Community member search!

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