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Survey results are in – What’s the top reason for why you want to teach at international schools?

The survey results are in, and it seems as if travel and location are the main reasons why us teachers want to work at internationals schools.

Contrary to what you might say in an interview setting, most people are focusing on getting jobs in desirable locations.  Obviously, those locations might be different for different people…thank goodness!  It is not just teachers that are interested in location, it is the administrators as well.

I went to a recruiting fair once and went to about 4-6 school information sessions.  The vast majority of their presentations had to do with the location that the school was in.  Now of course, prospective teachers need to know about where they might be moving to, but to have the majority of their presentation be about location and the places you can travel to from there?  It is pretty obvious what is motivating people.

One area that I think is very important, now knowing how important travel and location is, is to know more about the airport in the city that you choose to live in.  Is it a good hub?  How much to round trip tickets cost to locations with the country and outside of the country, and more importantly to your home country?  Which places are cheaper to go to?  Answers to these important questions on our minds, can be found on the school profiles page here on International School Community.  Of the 4 sections, travel is one of them.  Here are the 4 questions that you will find there and can leave your comments on:

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